The Black & Blue Code

What You Should Know About Police, History, Trauma,

and Protecting Your Rights

The Black and Blue Code is a researched-based product (film, ebook, and course) that discusses the history of policing, trauma, and best practices when dealing with police. This resource educates viewers about important social-emotional factors that arise in high-stress situations and demonstrates how one should assert their constitutional rights.

Some Reasons to Know and Use

The Black and Blue Code

  • Have police worry more about respecting your rights than you worrying about their misconduct
  • Make it easy to have your rights respected
  • ​Immediately learn how to assert your constitutional rights​
  • ​Uncover the "yellow brick road" path every teenager and young adult can follow to confidently protect their rights
  • Understand what scares police and how to command their respect
  • ​Learn how applying the Tenets of The Black and Blue Code avoids triggering the trauma of police officers
  • ​In less than 1 hour learn how to lower your anxiety when interacting with police

About the Producer

Ira was raised traveling between the different worlds of Davis, CA, and Bridgeport, CT. Over the years, after living in numerous cities across the United States, he has observed often how demographics impact outcomes in judicial and education systems, and how mindset and habits greatly determine destiny. Ira has earned degrees from The Howard University, the University of Southern California, and Vanderbilt University. He has taught middle school and high school science, college mathematics; he was Teacher of the Year in the Inglewood Unified School District, and was a participant in NASA’s Airborne Astronomy program. He cares deeply about the well-being of people, especially young people, and is dedicated to helping communities build positive relationships with law enforcement.

Additional Customer Testimonials

What Others Are Saying About The Film

Angel J. - Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted someone to talk to my son about police before he went to college, and this film was perfect."

Anthony S. - Oakland, CA

"Even as a former officer...this was very informative...everyone needs to see this."

Maya G. - Washington, DC

"This information is badly needed in society, and will definitely save lives."

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The Black &

Blue Code

Full-Length Film

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Top Features

  • The three groups of people at high risks to experience excessive force by police

  • ​A history of policing and impact of trauma on police and groups of people

  • ​Black and Blue Code Tenets - Best practices when encountering police

The Black &

Blue Code


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The Black &

Blue Code

(Facilitator's Course

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Includes the following:

  • A comprehensive course for teachers, facilitators, and/or about the Black and Blue Code. Participants are then prepared to bring back the information to their respective schools and organizations.

  • This course elaborates upon the concepts related to history, trauma, Constitutional Rights, and socio-emotional intelligence

  • Gives participants numerous valuable instructional resources to use in group settings.

  • ​Full text of the film with reflection questions to deepen learning

  • Exercises to expand concepts to creating positive relationships in other social setting


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